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Lumocolor® permanent marker refill station 488 50

Refill station for Lumocolor permanent markers 350 and 352

Good to know

  • Efficient for ecology

    We develop clever production solutions that are not only environmentally friendlier, but above all are more efficient for the user as well.

  • Easy to refill

    With refill station

  • Made in Germany


  • For the refilling of Lumocolor permanent markers 350 and 352
  • Minutes later the pen is ready for use; after 3 - 4 hours it is completely refilled
  • Practical PP (polypropylene) refill stations for easy and clean refilling of Lumocolor pens and markers
  • Simply insert pen or marker into the refill station
  • Impossible to overfill as the pen can only draw its own maximum ink content out of the refill station
  • Content 30 ml

Article number: 488 50

Available as single colours

  • 2
  • 3
  • 9