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Graphic Line

  • 3 mm plexi cristall line with high precision 5 mm grid and steel profile for cutting purposes
  • 45 degrees set square, 50 cm ruler, 100 cm ruler

Ref. Linea Grafica

MEDIO drawing table

  • Large A0/A1 Drawing stand: Semi-professional drawing table for drawing boards up to cm 80x140
  • Spring balanced with single lever control
  • Easy and quick locking

Art. no. ME1

PVC covering

  • PVC covering for drawing boards (1,2 mm) with double face tape for easy application
  • Size: 80x140 cm, 100x170 cm, 120x220 cm
  • Rolls off 100x20 mts.

Art. no. CP 14-17-22-200

A2 desk model drawing board

  • Track-type drafting machine supplied with A2 drawing board and pair of plexi cm 20/30 scales
  • Available with rigid cardboard carrying case

Art. no. TOM2

Drafting machine

  • Drafting machine with 360° drafting head and adjustable zero
  • Supplied with plexi cristall scales with screw fitting
  • TS/1 and TS/2 360 degrees, 105 cm or 120 cm

Art. no. TS2-360