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Mars® professional 555

High-quality compass

Good to know

  • Push-button mechanism

    Convenient quick setting using sturdy, push-button mechanism, easy to use thanks to large push-buttons

  • Centre wheel

    Precise setting using centre wheel, easy to use thanks to large push-buttons

  • Hinged legs

    For parallel leg positioning, facilitates exact drawing of particularly large radii

  • Extension bar

    Enlarges the possible circle diameter by up to max. 235 mm, exact fit for needle leg

  • Universal adapter

    For drawing precise circles with all common writing and drafting instruments, easy to use with all compasses with interchangeable lead part

  • Made in Germany


  • High-quality solid metal compass
  • With quick-setting push-button mechanism and centre wheel
  • Hinged lead and needle legs
  • Interchangeable lead part with shank Ø 4 mm
  • Interchangeable shouldered/ pointed needle
  • Max. circle Ø approx. 400 mm, with extension bar approx. 635 mm
  • Length 170 mm

Article number: 555

Available Variants

Mars® professional 555

Mars® professional 555

High-quality compass

Compass set containing compass 555 with lead part, extension bar, technical pen adapter, universal adapter and spares box in high-quality plastic case

Article number: 555 03